We finally found a home...A what? A home!

A what? A home away from home!









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Welcome to CavalryScouts.org, the new online Community designed primarily for Cavalry Scouts.



Our humble beginnings started with Michael Banuchi, who graciously started Cavalryscouts.com, and gave the Scouts an online home.  In order to expand and continue with growth and not take up all of Micheal’s time, we have started a carbon community here at Cavalryscouts.org.


We thank Michael for all he has done for this online community of Scouts, and will forever consider him an honorary Scout.


In the future we hope to host a  personal history accounts from Michael on his project to reach out to the Scout community and honor his brother’s service in the U.S. Cavalry.


Thanks again Micheal for all you have given us.


                                   The CavalryScouts Members